Spring NY Turkey HuntEastern Turkeys

We will have a number of gobblers located and patterned. We will roost birds and/or go over a game plan evenings to ensure the best chance of a successful hunt the next morning.

We will also have numerous blinds set up in scouted locations throughout our properties.

1 bearded bird limit. State regulations allow hunting until noon.


3-day 1 on 1 guided hunt – $925

3-day 2 on 1 guided hunt – $650 per person

All hunts include lodging and the use of a fully-equipped kitchen to prepare your meals.
A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to book all hunts.

Season Dates:

May 1 – 31 2022

Phil Munvez turkeySpring and Fall Blind Hunts

Our Spring and Fall Turkey Blind Hunts are becoming more popular each year with bow and gun hunters alike. These are semi-guided hunts and are done out of totally enclosed, portable blinds.

We do the scouting and set up blinds in strut zones and feeding and transition areas. Hunting out of a blind allows a little more freedom of movement and many clients take in coffee and a book to pass time. Both experienced and inexperienced hunters enjoy this option and for people with patience, this is a very enjoyable & successful hunt.


Spring 3-day semi-guided turkey blind hunt – $625

Fall 3-day semi-guided turkey blind hunt – $525

Season Dates:

Spring: May 1 – 31 2022

Fall: Oct 15 – Oct 28 2022

SD532213(1)Youth Spring NY Turkey Hunts

The youth hunt is a great opportunity for junior hunters ages 12- 15. Season dates are April 21 – 22, 2018.

1 bearded bird limit.


2-day 1 on 1 guided hunt – $550

Season Dates:

April  23 & 24 2022